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Key people
Chris Kelly (Founder) Gavin Rowe (Founder) Luke Taylor (Founder) Tom Thirlwall (CEO) [1]
Number of employees

Copa90 (previously Bigballs Media) is a football media business. Past credits of the company include the UK web drama Kate Modern,[2] which is a spin off of the American web series called lonelygirl15. The company is also known for the interactive mobile game I AM PLAYR[3] and Sky 1 and NBC comedy drama You, Me and the Apocalypse (formerly Apocalypse Slough).


In the Summer of 2013 BigBalls Media launched a Youtube Network titled COPA90,[4] which provides football related content. It features conversations about recent games, transfer news, documentaries about the football culture and interviews. It is the largest footballing information channel in the world with over 1.8 million subscribers.

COPA90 US[edit]

On January, 29th 2015, a North American YouTube channel, which also covered football related issues called KICKTV, was sold by the MLS and bought by the nework 'COPA90'. At the point of sale 'KICKTV' was the biggest football channel on YouTube. In 2017 KICKTV ´s name was changed to COPA90 US.[5] The channel's name has since been changed to COPA90 Stories.[6]


Liberty Global bought a 14% stake in the company for £7 million in 2015.[7]

Time Warner subsidiary Turner International bought an undisclosed stake in the company in 2017.[8]


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